“Dematerialization of the social through the digital again instills a feeling of being quite literally ‘out of touch’ with the material world. And just like before, this feeling fuels a collective urge to grasp—intellectually and physically—the substances of which this world and the things within it are made.”

—Anne-Sophie Lehman, 2018

Bauhaus philosophy fundamentally seeks to give artistic soul and humanization to the machine-made products mass-produced by technological advancement. For the image I created in this poster, I adapted a texture and fed it into a computer-generated formula to render a ‘digital material.’ I desired to evoke the feeling of something mesh-like or holographic, yet possessing a physical quality of fabric covering a face. I believe that this mode of visual sensory communication will become more and more paramount the further technology and rendering capacities develop. In our digital age, there is less tangibility to design than there used to be, and I want to focus on harnessing a sense of tactile realness that can give digital design meaning again and re-contextualize it for future generations of communication designers.
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