Fondation Hervé Guibert began as a simple visual representation of a text called Crazy for Vincent by prolific French writer and photographer, Hervé Guibert in 1989.

The story recalls the short life that Hervé and Vincent shared, beginning with Vincent’s untimely death and moving backwards. Throughout the text, Hervé highlights struggles with addiction, substance abuse, mental illness, and living with AIDS.

I developed three deliverables which then informed and inspired the rest of this project. First I created a logo and branding system for a hypothetical foundation and community center honoring the legacy of Hervé Guibert. Most importantly, I asked myself what purpose the Fondation Hervé Guibert would serve. I concluded that it must be an inclusive community center, especially for LGBTQ people, artists, writers, philosophers, and HIV positive people. It would provide a space for community gatherings, classes, a clinic, a bookstore, a cafe, a gallery, a mental wellness center, and would host meetings for those struggling with substance abuse or those who are HIV positive.
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